September 3, 2007

A quick note re: taxes

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Ants are some of the most productive members of society, and since money you make from hard work is taxed much more heavily than money you make from sitting around on your ass and collecting interest, or sitting on your ass and inheriting it, we actually pay a lot more than our fair share. We do it anyway because we know our tax dollars are needed to repair our crumbling infrastructure and support critical services.


September 1, 2007

Not bitter

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Left this in response to a comment over at Big Picture about Gen X’ers not saving enough for retirement. I seem to have become quite the whiner this week.

Better to do it here than in RL, though, I suppose. I would be deeply depressing to hang out with if I vented this stuff to friends or coworkers… 😉


>When Gen x keeps cashing out their 401k’s instead of rolling them<

Some of us are trying, I swear to God we are.

Unfortunately, we’re getting squeezed hard in the job market in both directions. Competing in the low and midrange with Indians and Eastern Europeans who can live like kings on $12/hr, and having a hell of a time moving up the ladder in part because the damn boomers won’t retire.

Meanwhile we’ve still got 100k in student loans to pay off, and buying a starter home for our family anywhere within driving distance of our job costs 700k (thank you Easy Al!)

Hopefully we can start replenshing the retirement funds soon, but if not, at least I know those FICA withdrawals I’ve been paying all these years will help cover me when I’m too old to work. Oh no, wait – – another Ponzi scheme that will expire with the Boomers. Social Security currently scheduled to run out of money the year I hit 65. Sweet.

I’d stay to chat, but I gotta get back to my second job managing graveyard shift for an Indian call center.

ed:  back dating because I want to keep other stuff at top of page for a while.  original date 9/8/2007.

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